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Anti – virus software for cell phones Nowadays, cell phones use, as many other electronic devices do, an operative system which acts as an intermediary for communication between the user and the device. With the new Bluetooth communication technologies, internet, and also the audio and video players, there are some vulnerabilities when exchanging files or any type of information which make. · Download Kaspersky Free Antivirus for Android today & protect your Android phone or tablet from latest mobile viruses. Get the best malware protection today!

You are defended against malicious apps, banking Trojans, and other mobile threats. Learn how to enable it. Do you want to be safe or sorry? I mean Avira's basic version is better than most of the other ones' pro versions.

Some were even fake apps designed to harvest user data! Here are a few well-known brands you may have been expecting to see on this list:. Avira Antivirus Security for Android is my top free Mmobile antivirus in — it has an excellent virus detection and removal engine along with a wide range of additional security features, all inside an intuitive dashboard. During my tests, I tried to download a huge range of Android malware samples to my Samsung Galaxy S20 — including viruses, trojans, and spyware. I was also able to trigger a very loud alarm.

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  • However, its remote selfie cam and alarm features are only available in the paid version of Panda Dome for Android. Panda Dome also comes with sortware free VPN, but it only includes MB per day, which is barely enough for light browsing. Panda;s free Android antivirus app provides real-time malware scanning, anti-theft tools, and convenient compatibility with Android smartwatches.

    You only need to enable a couple of permissions when you install the app and press the Scan button when you want to check your device for viruses. Kaspersky offers decent free malware detection and anti-theft protections, but not much else. Download Kaspersky Free for Android Now. Traced is a completely free internet security app for Android — samsunv provides good malicious app detection, advanced network monitoring features, anti-phishing protection, and an intuitive app privacy scanner.

    Traced uses machine learning to detect malicious apps without excessively draining battery life — it blocked all of the ransomware and cryptojacking apps in my testing, but it missed a small percentage of the spyware apps on my device.

    Free antivirus for android devices

    Traced also provides one of the most helpful Wi-Fi network monitoring features of any Android app. Traced is a completely free Android antivirus app with a strong focus on user privacy. The ones on this list are all safe. Malicious antivirus apps can easily compromise your privacy and security and steal your info. Each app comes from a brand with a strong reputation for creating excellent cybersecurity products.

    Do I need antivirus software for my smartphone?

    My top pick, Avira Free Antivirus Security for Androidis produced by a company with millions of users worldwide and decades of experience in the cybersecurity industry. Your Android phone or tablet probably contains sensitive data like personal information, banking information, social media, personal pictures and files, etc. Android OS is notable for having tons of indie developers, coders, and modders around the globe.

    Unfortunately, phpne also makes Android a playground for hackers. Ransomware, spyware, cryptojacking software, surveillance apps, and other malware compromise Android users every single day. Android users also face risks from phishing sites, smishing linksand even pickpockets. To keep your device safe from all of these threats, you need to have a good Android antivirus with real-time protection, web protection, anti-theft tools, and other additional features.

    Antivirus for Android for free | Avira

    If you want a free antivirus, ahtivirus with Avira. Most antivirus apps also offer additional paid premium features, and for every free app out there, there are dozens more premium apps. RUB Russian ruble. Professional Reviews. Affiliate Commissions. Reviews Guidelines. Ben Martens Updated on: November 1, This article contains. Short on moblie Panda Dome — Good malware scanner with Android smartwatch compatibility. Kaspersky — Intuitive app with a good scanner but no real-time protection.

    Banking trojan Steals your banking credentials to gain access to your account. Rooter Acquires privileged access to take over and control your device.

    Free Android Antivirus App | Avast Mobile Security

    Fake apps Malware that disguises itself as a real app to trick you into downloading it. Trojan clicker Secretly clicks on webpages and eats up your data resources. Spyware Infects your device to gather and transfer information about you. Protect your privacy. Keep intruders out of your samsing, both online and on your device. Secure your photos and apps using a PIN code, pattern, or fingerprint password.

    Secure your data remotely. Remote control lets you stop thieves from accessing your data and helps you recover your device if it becomes lost or stolen. Enhance performance. Keep your Android device running as good as new. Take control of your digital habits. Gain insights into how you use your apps and data. It's very useful. Working very smoothly. Jineesh J. It came highly recommended and for good reason.

    Block all potential threats

    Steve B. Ash G. What makes Avast the best free antivirus for Android? You can protect your Phoone mobile or tablet in real time against the latest types of malwareincluding new and rapidly growing threats like ransomware. If your phone gets stolen, you can track its location and also lock it or remotely wipe it to protect your sensitive personal data. If your device is already infected with malware, remove the threat quickly with our free phine removal tool and malware removal tool.

    Why do Android devices need antivirus protection? Android phones and tablets need strong antivirus software because Android ransomwarespywareand other malware is on the rise. Without Samsun security software, your phone may get infected with malware. Avast Mobile Sortware for Android also protects your phone with automatic Wi-Fi network security checks. But many people accidentally give apps more permissions than they need, and this can allow malware to spread across your device.

    Unofficial app storefronts are often less-secure than Google Play, which increases your risk. If your phone has started slowing down, learn how to speed up slow Android devices and get them running like new. All you need is an Android phone fres tablet running operating system Google Android 6. In case you experience any problems, we are happy to assist you through our support page. Get expert security tips for your Android.

    Read more at Avast Academy.

    May 17,  · BullGuard Mobile Security & Antivirus Free provides low-impact cloud-based antivirus scanning as well as good anti-theft features. In my testing, BullGuard was able to block the vast majority of malware I tried to download onto my Samsung Galaxy, Author: Ben Martens. Dec 07,  · Dec 07,  · Google Play Store Rating: Download Bitdefender Antivirus Free. 3. Norton One of the best free antivirus for Android in , Norton offers impressive Android security features. The Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins. Apr 12,  ·  · Which antivirus software is best? Download your free incident response playbook to plan against security breaches. And to stay even better prepared, discover four ways that phishing is evolving, Samsung Galaxy showcase at Mobile World Congress — Watch the livestream here.

    How to Remove Viruses from an Android Phone. Learn more. How to Remove Ransomware from Android Devices. Download Chrome.