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Norton Standard gives you comprehensive malware protection for a single PC, Mac, Android or iOS device, including 10GB of secure PC cloud backup and Secure VPN for your device. Features: ONGOING PROTECTION Download instantly & install protection for your PC, Mac or . Download and Install. Install Norton device security. Download a purchase from a retail store. Download from a service provider. Install Norton Secure VPN. Technical Issues. Fix problems downloading your service. Download and run the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. Message "Invalid Product Key".

I wanted to buy a renewal for this year. Hi DavidKent, Sorry that you had to go through this experience. I finally contacted Odwnload Support for assistance. DPReview Digital Photography.

Skip to main content. Norton is causing my MacBook Pro to reboot on startup. Typically, on the second restart, the computer eventually starts. However, it then takes about a minute or more for Norton to start, during which time I cannot do much of anything. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with Norton Support -- clueless as how to fix. They did all the same things that I'd already done -- uninstall and reinstall Norton, etc. The log indicates a panic caused by "watchdog timeout"; a copy is attached.

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  • When I log back into my Mac after the crash, the Norton app appears slow to start up. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Norton Immediately after the reinstall and reactivation, my system appears to reboot normally over several reboots. What I have noticed is that if I sleep my system close the lid nlrton then try to restart, the system begins to hang-up during reboot again in the very same way.

    What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?

    It appears that sleeping my MacBook does something to disrupt the Norton installation. This circumstance is very frustrating and unacceptable. The features of Catalina have been well-known for quite some time and Apple's intentions to move toward a solely 64 bit operating system were stated over ten years ago. I spent the better part of mac. I can't idle my work for 'a few days' waiting for these clowns to figure out something that should have been worked out months ago.

    This response is unacceptable! Too little and too late. After approximately 25 years of buying their products for Windows and Mac, 360 am parting ways with Symantec permanently download going with download of their major competitors. I will be seeking a cancellation of my subscription and refund. Hi I just had this issue resolved by a Technician Manas Mohantry from Norton support via Chat support he was amazing I can testify that I never would of been able to do what he did.

    So if you are still having 360 ask to speak to this guy. When I spoke to Apple this morning the guy said Catalina is a norton bit operating system and was only released in the last few weeks and the earlier Mac norton like Mojave are 32 bit so a lot of software that hasn't been updated for the Catalina System struggle to work if at all, I don't really understand any of this so I contacted Norton and Manas was the man.

    Hope this helps. I'm glad that Norton was able to resolve this issue for you. Now that it appears that Norton has finally figured out how to resolve this issue - crashes on MacPro mac Catalina Can anyone imagine how many hours of waiting time it will take to get in touch with Manas?

    Norton Explore Norton We took everything customers loved about Norton Security, and enhanced the many ways we help protect your PCs, Mac®, Android and iOS devices, plus we added online privacy. Get Norton We provide a day money back guarantee for annual subscriptions. Sign in to enter your product key, access your account, manage your subscription, and extend your Norton protection to PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. If you don't already have a Norton account, create one today. Welcome to NortonLifeLock. Sign in with the email address and password you used during your purchase.  · Download Free Trials of Norton software plus free Norton tools, including our free virus removal tool Norton Power Eraser and free Norton Password Manager. 1 PC or Mac. Annual. $ $ 66% OFF* 7 Days Free Trial when purchased in Norton with LifeLock plans. And up to $1 million for coverage for lawyers and experts if needed.

    As mentioned before, if Norton does not resolve this issue by the time my subscription expires 49 days remaining I will be removing Norton on all my devices and nortn look for other Antivirus and Web protection options. MacAfee does not look too bad On a side note, Norton, it 360 like Mr. Norton deserves a maac rise. After hours of 360 faffing about with Norton support several days ago download a "necessary" update to Norton Safe Web Plus had been withdrawn from the Apple App Store and being unable to do the update, I noticed yesterday the red number on App Store mac the dock had disappeared signifying that the update was it seemed, no longer necessary.

    Then today it re-appeared signifying that the same Norton update 1. There was no instruction to the fact that it was necessary to deactivate the Norton extensions in Safari norton order to quit the existing version of the Norton Safe Web Plus app before it would update. I guessed I had to do that. I re-activated the extensions and restarted the Mac and all had updated and is working fine in Catalina. No crashes either so far!

    What grieves me is mac the higher echelons of Norton obviously knew about the problem but had not bothered to brief their support staff about the fact they were working on it, resulting in many hours of wasted time and effort! Thanks for reporting in Norton Community Forums. We have download Norton Security 8. Can you please update Norton Security to latest version let us know if you still facing issue "the computer stalls for about two minutes on the login screen, then restarts, and only then will it complete what should be the "normal" boot process"?

    Can you please update Norton Security to 8. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. I have shared your feedback with concern team. Downloar you please update Norton Security to version 8. Thank you for the reply. Has this new version of Norton 8.

    Download and Install. Install Norton device security. Download a purchase from a retail store. Download from a service provider. Install Norton Secure VPN. Technical Issues. Fix problems downloading your service. Download and run the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. Message "Invalid Product Key".  · Norton AntiVirus Plus and Norton plans include antivirus and malware protection, plus an array of additional features to help protect your PCs, Mac, Android and iOS devices, including: Secure VPN. Important if you use public Wi-Fi (included in Norton plans only) Password Manager. Norton Standard gives you comprehensive malware protection for a single PC, Mac, Android or iOS device, including 10GB of secure PC cloud backup and Secure VPN for your device. Features: ONGOING PROTECTION Download instantly & install protection for your PC, Mac or .

    From your notes above, "please let us know if you are still experiencing issues or the current issue status" does not sound very promising. What one would like to hear is that Norton understands what is causing the incompatibility with Catalina OS and has figured out a permanent fix. I downloqd not going through the trouble of installing this new version just to find out it did not resolve it. Need reassurance this version will indeed fix it!

    Also, I request Norton provide all of us a discount coupon, for months of inconvenience. I spent the last 45 minutes downloading, installing, updating and testing Norton version 8. The problem that was originally reported by me 36 days ago remains.

    Download & Install – Norton™ Support

    The computer stalls on boot for approximately 2 minutes, then spontaneously restarts, and only then can I get to a functioning desktop. When Norton mmac removed, this problem goes away. I tried several times to reinstall the norton, every time the procedure asked me to give full access in security area which I did but it appears an error message that inform me that Norton has not completed the installation procedure. I have a brand new Macbook Air and it does not work with Catalina mac doing the update.

    It still crashes frequently, has a boot problem, and the VPN is very hit or nac. In numerous times I tried to uninstall Norton and nortln up with the same error after each Restart when I thought the installation has been a success. Logout in your primary account and use "root" as the username and whatever password you have assigned. Once the installation has been completed, under 360 the install does not perform a restart. The software package looks like it is running as per normal.

    Hence, norfon as "root" and login into your primary account to complete the software install. Norton will go through the download stages of the install in your primary account where it will go prompt you to "Restart".

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    Hit that "Restart" download and login as per usual and hopefully, Mac will run minus any errors. I also have the same problem. My subscription ended November 27, so I bought Norton and now my Mac keeps restarting by itself and saying xownload there was a problem. I kept getting kernel panic nortno and a high CPU, and everything seems to be pointing to Norton being the problem. I am not sure what is going on, the previous Norton subscription I had worked fine.

    Please try my procedure where you will be using the "System Administrator" or "Root" account which is a superuser above norton current "admin" rights standard account. Catalina has extra layers of protection. Root will allow the kernel extension in Norton to function properly. See attachment for a guideline to enable "Root" account.

    You will need to login as "root" norfon "password". Install Norton and complete setup as a "root" user. Activate Norton as "root" user. Download after. This will complete Norton setup. I have successfully installed 3 licenses in Mac OS Catalina. I believe this is the solution brought to you from someone in the "Land down under"!

    If I had any hair I would 360 pulling it out with frustration. I have an iMac which was working perfectly until I upgraded to Catalina. I wish I had looked at this forum first. I believe all my problems are with Norton Safe Web Plus, without which my password manager no longer works. I have deleted and re-installed all Norton programs donload 360. I very rarely had the spinning coloured wheel before but mxc it now and have to reboot my nortoj many times a day.

    After about 20 years using Norton products with total satisfaction I will now have to change mac security software.

    Официальный сайт | Антивирусные программы и защита Norton™ от вредоносных программ

    I doubt I will get a refund from Norton, but it would be nice. Password Manager is, at best, superfluous on a Mac anyway so I leave that switched off. Sorry that you had to go through this experience. We had released an update over the weekend for Norton Safe Web Plus, that would address the "spinning coloured wheel" issue. I would like to request you to try this update, and let us know how this goes.

    I tried it the same way as Maarij Huss mentioned. I think it is almost the same thing that you did, but thank you for replying and adding the screenshots, they were helpful. Norton finally installed properly and it seems to be working fine so far. Now Downloa just run my mac as I did before and see if it restarts randomly or if I still get any kernel panics and a high CPU. Also, my mac worked fine today mac yesterday after I uninstalled Downloadthere were no nroton restarts dowload after having many tabs open in safari and having Microsoft word running in the back.

    I have been using it all day since I had to study and nothing happened. So, if norton restarts randomly after doing all these steps, I guess I'll have no choice but to uninstall and not use it on my mac. Norron dad's HP desktop seems to be working fine though so at least he has no problems The other method you used to install Norton is the same download privileges as a standard user with "admin rights". You do not need to odwnload an account name. Norton had this issue as well.

    I have a 2-week old Macbook Pro running Catalina After dealing with Apple for a week about this issue and after having to do a complete HD erasure and MacOS reinstall Nirton discovered Norton was the restart culprit. After waiting for 30 minutes in the queue with Norton customer support the wait was horrible. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

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    There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again downloar. I 360 used Norton products loyally for at least 15 years, norton today when I got another year of subscription I had mac unbelievably bad experience with their rep. I always turn off automatic renewal after I purchase, because auto renewal is the most expensive possible way to get a year of Norton coverage.

    As soon as I norton my new subscription today, I went to my account to turn off automatic renewal. Download turns out that the customer can't turn it off as they used to be able to do - now I have to "chat" with mac Norton rep who will actually turn it off for me - if you can dosnload them!. And that chat 360 was a manipulative and frustrating session. One sign that they know how bad it is, is that you cannot copy or save the chat history, so I'll have to paraphrase it.

    It 360 me seven separate requests to get the Norton rep to agree to turn off auto renewal. First they want to be sure you understand how valuable it is, then after two or norton rounds of that, they tell you that if you turn off auto dowlnoad, you lose the virus protection guarantee that they advertise for Norton After that, when I continued requesting to turn off auto renew, even then the rep didn't give up on me - "what if I extend your subscription by 60 days for free?

    Now Mac was quite frustrated that nothing seemed to convince them to turn off auto renew. So buyer beware - when you read the comments from Norton reps answering user reviews here on Amazonwhere they tell everyone that, don't worry, you can turn off auto renewal, they're not telling the whole story, because turning off auto renewal voids their virus protection guarantee.

    And the hassle of arguing with a rep who won't accept the request is really infuriating. I am going to get a refund for the product Amazon won't refund it, but Norton says they will, within 60 days and try another provider. I also had problems installing, but that pales in comparison to this. After I purchased Norton I tried to install it and would not let me. So I call Norton and they checked the number and informed me that it was only good for 20 days.

    So I call Amazon and they told me it was a non refundable 360, but because of what Norton told me they refunded my money. Download wanted to share this. Used to not have to setup auto renewal Was charged for this and download download the code. I didnt get what I paid for. It wont show me how to return it for refund! It works. It's also easy mac turn off auto-renewal. I've used Norton virus and PC protection for years.

    I've found no reason to switch. It works, protects me from attacks, and is easy to use. I run a manual full-machine scan once a week. 360 never encountered a virus having gotten onto my machine. This particular product auto-renews, which some commentators have found fownload. I do, too. It's very easy to turn off, however. After you install the product go to the "My Subscription" area of your Norton. In the upper right-hand area of the screen you'll see an "Automatic renewal" toggle.

    Just switch it to "OFF". You'll subsequently see a screen asking you to state reason why you turned off this feature. The installation of the product, as I was already using Norton Security Standard from last year, took all of two minutes. Now I'm protected for another mac. As I noted, I've been using the Norton suites for years.

    And it may slow the 360 of my desktop but, again, it's a small price to pay for online security and I don't find it annoying. I feel completely protected by Norton; my experience has informed and validated that feeling. Norton will not launch. Secure VPN Problem asking for my keychain password. How the hell mxc I get Norton's attention? Pop up alert on Mac. How do I update my account for banking connection. Or Protection Racket?

    Download and install your Norton device security product on Mac

    Norton Clean crashes on start up. Norton and Parallels for Mac with M1 Chip. Issue Found. Also, Live Update Attention. Update and scan fails on Norton Who's online There are downlod 14 users online.